Actuality of topics

The relevance of the topic of the dissertation research is one of the main criteria for its examination and means that the tasks posed in the thesis on the chosen topic require urgent solutions for practice or the relevant branch of science. The relevance of the topic is revealed as the relevance of the object of research and the subject of the research dissertation.

The relevance of the research object of the thesis should not cause doubts among specialists and be obvious. What is the evidence? It consists in the fact that the specialist is really aware of the existence of a problem on the topic of work in the area of knowledge of this branch of science. For example, it is impossible at this level of development of the theory to explain something, or it is impossible to measure something with the required accuracy on the existing experimental base in the industry, or the experimental data do not correspond to the process understanding, or the production of this product is very expensive, the quality is significantly lagging behind. technologies, no reserves are used, there is a need for automation, etc.

The relevance of the thesis – one of the main requirements for the thesis. Usually it annoys the applicant, because he perceives them as a requirement of a purely formal nature, persistently pursuing his scientific search. However, the requirement of relevance is not negative. It assumes only the relevance of your work to the state of science today, its real needs and the suitability of your dissertation as an attempt to solve its urgent problems. So, if you are writing a work on the invention of the wheel or getting a philosopher’s stone, then your research, to put it mildly, is not relevant.

Justification of the relevance of the topic of the thesis is given in the introduction text and must meet the following specific requirements: first, the applicant should briefly highlight the reasons for applying

In the Soviet period, ideological attitudes required a justification of the relevance of the topic, based on the tasks formulated in documents of party congresses, government decrees, etc. This largely contributed to the formation of a kind of quasi-actual principle, when the presence on the first page of a thesis of a quotation from the materials of the next congress was already considered sufficient for the work to be recognized as relevant. Fortunately, it does not threaten you.

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