Approbation of the thesis or dissertation

Approval of the thesis is done mainly at conferences and seminars at various levels – from the departmental (laboratory) to international ones. The abstract should contain a list of such seminars and conferences.

For dissertations performed in some (non-technical) branches of science, a serious fact of approbation is a report in a leading specialized scientific or educational institution before recognized experts.

Approval of the thesis is of great importance for the graduate student (applicant). First of all, the essence and novelty of the results obtained are analyzed. Here their reliability is indirectly verified. The author is improving in the ability to report his results to the audience, answer questions, and hold a discussion.

Testing your results should be started as early as possible and not put it off until the last year before the defense.

I would like to wish applicants not to turn approbation into a formality, considering that now it is easy to do because of the abundance of conferences, the possibility of co-authorship and formal participation.

How to confirm your participation in the conference?

Everything is easy and simple. In the text of the thesis and the abstract the graduate student lists the conferences in which he participated (citing the official name of each conference). And that’s it! If the graduate student published in the conference book, you can safely include it in the list of his scientific papers when he is preparing for protection.

Moreover, even any participation in the conference (not necessarily a speech, but only submitted abstracts and articles) is already counted as approbation.

At conferences of a good level, besides theses, there is also such official paper as the certificate of the participant of the conference, which each participant receives as an additional service. All abstracts of the conference participants will be published in a separate collection.

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