Case Study Assignments And How They Are Made

Why are You Creating a Case Study?

The word case study refers to any study that provides a clear picture of a specific event, patient, or society. The person or organization under study may be an individual, a company, or an institution. The purpose of a case study is to provide more information about a phenomenon and help the reader to make a judgment or an action, while still creating a narrative about a person, an event, a group of people, or an institution. Some of the primary uses of case studies is when they are used as a research method or in a lab research where they are used to study complex systems or a specific patient or group of people. 

The case study assignment is usually given to help the student distinguish themselves while in their studies. It is usually very difficult to write a good case study; therefore, the student will usually go for free samples or samples found on the internet. The theory behind cheap samples is that it gives the student confidence in creating a complete article without the added cost. The subject of the case study is usually given to the student as a sample article. You can choose to do this for either internal or external communication to gauge your writing skills. The problem with these free samples is that they are of poor quality, and they fail to depict what the article is intended to portray.

Case studies are sometimes assigned when a student does not understand the course content as stated in class or that the teacher feels that the student needs to write a case study about something particular. This can be because the student did not do their coursework or because they failed to comprehend the assignment. Either way, a student should go through online samples to gather enough information to create a perfect case study. The writing style and writing structure can be different depending on the company or institution; therefore, it is important to be specific about the case study, the organization, and which aspects the sample case study should include. The statements in the case study should correlate with the stated course contents or have a similar but not exact statement.

Steps in Writing a Case Study

  • Follow the instructions given by the professor on how to proceed with the case study.
  • Have an outline of the research; the case study should have a beginning, middle, and ending.
  • The introduction should highlight the problem at hand and state the thesis statement.
  • The body section will have factual content, supporting information, and argument.
  • The conclusion summarizes the problems addressed and states the solution.

Advice for Writers with a Case Study Assignment

  1. Always seek help from experts online or form your own community group where you can chat about how to go about it. 
  2. Go through sample case studies to understand if the order of presenting the information is correct or not. 
  3. Go through the checklist if the sample provided is out of order. 

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