How to Write a Perfect Case Study Using the Right Structure

How to Write a Perfect Case Study Using the Right Structure

Case studies are written to enable individuals to relate a particular event or a phenomenon that occurred in their lives. The study is mainly written to help the readers to get a deeper understanding of a subject or a particular phenomenon. Every individual must be in a position to manage their time and work on their studies.

Structure of a Complete Case Study

A case study should follow three main sections. The first section is the introduction. It is the first section that the audience will come across. It will provide enough information about the specific course of action you will be taking. It would be best to ensure that your introduction is intriguing and captivating.

Below, you will see the three main sections of a case study. They are:

  1. The literature review

An overview of all the published sources related to the topic you intend to study. Doing so will enable the readers to get a clear understanding of the topic. It helps to secure scholarly sources, how-to guides, and even case studies from the internet.

Here, you’ll need to cite all the referenced works appropriately.

  1. Personal statement

The personal statement is a summary of your entire case study, so that the reader can understand the entire story with ease. The paper should provide an overview of you in simple terms. It should also communicate all the traits that made you want to write the case study in the first place.

  1. The conclusion

The conclusion will summarize the entire case study and explain to the readers the positive outcome of your research. You must be positive about the outcome of your investigation. Any other outcome will only be negativistic.

  1. Tips to use in case study writing

Remember, every paper should contain a cover page, sources, references, and a bibliography. You don’t have to include these sections in every case study. The bibliography is a list of any works that pertain to your subject. The sources section should be clear and include all the sources that supported your study.

All the above sections are basic. Be keen to understand how to use them by managing your case study. If you can’t do that, you’ll be limited in what you can present in the report.

Writing a case study requires keenness and that is why you must be confident about your writing skills. Be keen to use only relevant sources, and you can only do that by following the recommended writing norms. Remember, most of the tutors will allow you to use electronic sources to cite your sources.

Also, you must train yourself on proper grammar and punctuation. Writing an excellent case study will always involve proofreading and editing. If you pick the wrong style, you won’t find it easy to proofread your document. If you have no experience, you won’t be confident with what you’re doing. As such, you should hire a professional to assist.

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