PhD dissertation – just three steps to your cherished goal

The presence of an academic degree provides significant benefits to any employee, and not only moral, but also tangible material benefits, that is, you will begin to receive more money, which will positively affect your family. When looking for a prestigious job in a reputable company, having a candidate of sciences degree can be a decisive factor. How, without interrupting the main work, to write a thesis and successfully defend it?

Difference of academic degree from academic title

Often the academic title is confused with an academic degree. In accordance with the Unified Register of Academic Ranks and Degrees in the Russian Federation, there are established scientific degrees – a doctor of science and a candidate of science, and academic degrees – respectively, professor and associate professor. The degree is awarded on the basis of the results of the thesis defense, and the academic title is awarded by the Ministry of Education for its achievements in teaching.

Thesis – what is it?

The thesis in a broad sense (from the Latin. Dissertatio – research) is a research work that is prepared by the applicant for public defense in the relevant dissertation council, the purpose of which is the subsequent award of a scientific degree (in Russia – a candidate or a doctor of science).

In accordance with the Regulations on the procedure for awarding scientific degrees, which was approved by the Government of the Russian Federation on January 30, 2002, the dissertation for the degree of candidate of science is a scientific and qualification work, which contains a solution to the problem that is crucial for the relevant branch of knowledge, or presented scientifically based economic or technological developments that are important for the economy or ensuring the country’s defense.

Thus, the dissertation is at the same time both scientific and qualifying work. Consequently, on the one hand, the applicant enters the scientific community, and on the other – will demonstrate the achieved intellectual level, confirming the diploma of the candidate or doctor of science.

It all starts with a scientific consultant.

Actually, a successful defense and, consequently, the award of a scientific degree largely depends on a scientific adviser. It is desirable that the scientific consultant was a doctor of science, a professor.

You can, of course, agree with the associate professor – candidate of science, but it is better that he has a certain status in the scientific community and has certain connections in the scientific world. It would be great to have a friendly, informal relationship with your supervisor. That will quickly solve many problems. At any time you can call him to clarify a particular issue. Get ready for the fact that the text that you wrote in the incredible torment and which you find flawless, will be ruthlessly crossed out and sent repeatedly for corrections. And at this moment your hands will fall!

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